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How to Fish for Flounder

If you’re fishing enthusiast and wondering how to fish for flounder, then you’re definitely on the right place. Fishing for flounders is quite different from the normal type of fishing. You see, with this method you need a unique approach that will help to provide you with success. Flounder can […]

Are Groupers Poisonous?

Groupers can be poisonous and can cause various health risks to people who consume them. This article will take a detailed look at why some groupers are poisonous and how they can affect human health. How are groupers poisonous? Groupers are a bunch of gentle giants from the Epinephelinae subfamily […]

Are Grouper Bottom Feeders?

All groupers are bottom feeders, and they like to prey on other bottom-dwelling species of fish. If you want to learn more about these gentle giants and their food habits, keep reading this article. Are grouper bottom feeders? Groupers are one of the many bottom feeder fish out there. These […]

Are Pinfish Good Bait for Grouper?

Pinfish are a type of baitfish that many types of fish love to eat. That’s why it’s often used as bait by fishermen trying to catch other species of fish. One species of fish that pinfish make excellent bait for is Grouper, because Pinfish are a natural prey of Grouper […]

How to Fillet a Tuna

When it comes to filleting a tuna, many people are getting it all wrong. Yes, they will fillet their fish, but not properly, ending up with meat that is not quality enough and reduced yield. The meat may be scaly or too bony, not getting away from the fact that […]

What Do Bass Eat?

Bass eat a variety of foods depending on location and time of year. They are opportunistic feeders, meaning they eat just about anything they can fit in their mouths. Their diet consists of smaller fish, crayfish, insects, and even small mammals. Bass is one of the most popular and sought-after […]

How to Fish for Grouper under a Bridge?

When fishing for groupers under a bridge, you must keep some specific tricks in mind. For example, following the water flow, choosing a shaded spot, having the right gear, and changing fishing spots every once in a while. The fly-fishing method is most recommended for this, as it helps you […]

How do catfish use their whiskers?

Catfish are known for the presence of whiskers or barbels that help them survive the water. These barbels have sensors all over them, thus allowing them in the highly murky water to detect food and stay away from any danger. To learn more about the presence of whiskers in catfish […]

Are Bass Bottom Feeders?

Bass is an umbrella term that refers to many types of freshwater and marine fish in the ocean. Although there are many different types of bass fish, they are primarily bottom feeders and yes, bass are considered bottom feeders. Bass is an exciting fish with nine known species: Alabama bass, […]