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How Large is a Grouper?

Groupers can reach the length of 2.5 meters while weighing 1,000 pounds! This fish is very large and heavy. The name grouper is given to many different fish, however when referring to this name it usually means that the fish belongs to the subfamily Epinephelinae. Some groupers can even become […]

Are Grouper the Same as Cod?

The simple answer is no, cod and grouper are not the same species of fish. They do have some similarities, but they belong to a different family and orders which makes them different. Rock Cod and basic grouper often get confused, but these are totally different fish that look similar. […]

Flounder Recipes

Flounder is a type of fish found in the deep parts of the ocean and has various subspecies. They are not a popular delicacy, and this is attributed to several reasons. For one, they are quite challenging to clean and do not look meaty due to their flat shape. However, […]

How Big Can a Grouper Get?

The maximum recorded weight of a goliath grouper is 800 pounds. In Florida, the record is 680 pounds, which was the weight of a grouper caught at Fernandina Beach way back in 1961. If you are curious about the comparison, you can try swimming with them in Palm Beach, Florida. […]

Are Catfish Poisonous, Dangerous and Invasive?

Yes, catfish can be poisonous, dangerous, and invasive, but not all of them. There are many species of catfish, and some have proven to be more dangerous than others. Let’s find out more about dangerous catfish in this article. How Dangerous Are Catfish? Catfish can be dangerous mainly for one […]

What are Flounder?

Flounders are carnivorous animals and mainly feeds on small fish, crabs, and shrimp and usually hides from the prey, on the sand at the floor of the ocean or sea. They have a lifespan of 3 – 10 years with an optimum pH level of 6.5 – 8.0. Flounders have […]

What Do Grouper Eat?

Grouper are among the largest species in the Atlantic Ocean, and it weighs up to 800 pounds. Generally, groper is primarily found in shallow tropical waters between artificial and coral reefs. They are big, built for long-distance, length of more than one meter, and fast swimmers. 1. What do grouper […]

Are Bass Cold Blooded?

The short answer is yes, bass are cold blooded like most fish, amphibians, and reptiles. This means they need to be in a situation where it doesn’t get too cold to completely slow them down or they enter a state of inactivity till it warms back up. This put a […]

Are Bass Territorial?

Bass are a “predator fish” and they are known to be aggressive and extremely territorial. As a result of this, bigger bass and little bass do not hang around together. Fish that are aggressive will eat just about anything in sight, and bass are no different. If you put something […]