How to Catch a Goliath Grouper

Judging by the name, the Goliath Grouper is the largest species of the Grouper. The sizeof this species is so large to the extent that you have to employ specializedtechniques in order to catch them. There are some Goliath Groupers that havebeen able to achieve a weight of more than […]

How to Fish with Minnows

According to fishermen, a minnow is described as a small fish which is normally used forbait and it may or may not be a minnow family member. Minnows are quite popularsince they are used as baitfish for species of fish such as the brown trout, bass,crappie, muskellunge, walleye, bluegill, and […]

How to Make a Chum Bag

If you want to catch your game fish or bait, then a chum bag can really come in handy foryou. Summer provides a great opportunity for every fishing enthusiast as mostspecies of fish are available and they all have one thing in their mind andthat is to eat. During this […]

How to Use Fishing Floats

A fishing float, or bobber, is an item of angling equipment that is normally attached toa fishing line and is used in various purposes such as suspending the bait at acertain length, carrying the baited hook, and it can also be used as a visualbite indicator. Floats have different shapes […]

How to Fillet a Cod

Catching a cod can be as simple as casting out some braided line with a bait, butfilleting it is a whole different story, more so as the process itself callsfor more finesse on your part. First, you must understand how to get it done right, otherwise you won’t be retaining […]

How to jig for salmon

It takes a lot of patience to jig for salmon. Usually done by people with no live bait orthose who derive zero pleasure in trolling, jigging isn’t just a technique, buta real art that’s certainly going to take you a long while before you achievemastery. Back before jigging became a […]

Salmon fishing tackle you need

The flavor of salmon together with the fun that comes with fishing for it makes mostpeople opt for it. However, salmon fishing requires a lot of tools that areusually intimidating to first-time anglers. Apart from rods and reels, you alsoneed smaller accessories such as lures, sinkers, swivels, and weights. You […]

Best salmon fishing line

As the connection between the lure and the rod, fishing lines are a crucial part ofany fishing gear. They come in varieties of lengths and material that allowusers to pick depending on the distance they want to cast and how long theyintend to use them. Some of the factors to […]

How to troll for fish

Once you get to troll for fish in the open ocean, then you’ll get to experience the appealin fishing many search for. Master anglers understand the thrill and would at any time jump atthe challenge of trolling in this situation. As a beginner, you have a wholelot to practice on […]