Top 5 Best Cod Fishing Rigs

Cod fishing rigs are designed specifically to catch the cod fish, which can be so elusive and difficult to get hold of. With just an ordinary fishing rig, you may go fishing for without ever catching one. Add to the fact that this fish may be present for only a […]

4 Excellent Cod recipes in a pan

Cod is an affordable source of protein. Most people love the fish because of its unique, delicious taste. Compared to most fish, cod has more “muscle meat” than most types of fish. This quality makes it ideal to prepare as a skillet. I will share 4 cod recipes in a […]

Cod Information

Cod fish are of the family Gadidae and belong to the genus Gadus. Their taxonomic classification follows; • Kingdom: Animalia • Phylum: Chordata • Class: Actinopterygii • Order: Gadiformes • Family: Gadidae • Genus: Gadus There are two common types of species of cod usually the Atlantic cod and the […]

How to Fish for Cod

Fish is among the healthiest foods out there and codfish particularly has proven to be very beneficial to those suffering from heart disease. According to research, people who consume fish are at a lower risk of heart attacks and other cardiovascular illnesses than those who do not eat fish regularly. […]

Catfish Rigs

When fishing for catfish there are many things that need to be factored in like the technique and the skills of the individual. Top on the list of priorities any angular will mention is the catfish rig. It is as important as the requirements. With your catfish rig determined it […]

How to make and use chum

One of the most important secrets when it comes to catching catfish is chumming. In fact, this is what stands between you and that big catch. Before you learn how to chum for catfish, it is always important to start off by checking the laws and regulations surrounding your area […]

Catfish Lures

Are you planning to go catfish fishing over the weekend? Well, apart from focusing on finding a right fishing spot, there are essential things that you need to find with the fish lures being the first thing to get. There are hundreds of catfish lures on the market to choose […]

Top Four Catfish Baits

Catfish are a unique species in the fish kingdom. They boast a bunch of features which enable them to survive in conditions other fish would not survive. Most importantly, they are different in appearance as they lack scales and have super sensitive whiskers (that explains the name), and their food […]

Four Catfish Recipes

Catfish is a tasty fish that is mainly taken by individuals living in the Southern United States. The typical way people are used to in preparing catfish is deep frying method. Catfish can also be baked, grilled or pan- fried. When cooked well it has a mild and sweet flavor. […]