How to catch the elusive Lego fish!

You’ve decided it’s worth it to go down the path to become a real fishing legend. You are going to catch the most sought after fish out there, the Lego fish. It’s hardy, it’s multi colored, it’s made plastic and an inch long and it’s your greatest nemesis you’ve never […]

Tuna information

Tuna is a type of fish that thrives in salty tropical water bodies and is one of the most consumed on the planet. There are different species available and they have different sizes and features. They are some of the largest species that can weigh up to over 500 pounds. […]

Best Tuna Lures

Are you planning to go tuna fishing on the weekend, wellyou need plenty of fishing gear, and one of the essential items to have is agood tuna lure? A fish lure is a tool that attracts the fish to the bait. Mostof the lures are crafted in the form of […]

Best Yellow Fin Tuna Lures

  Before going on a fishing trip, you have to make sure thatyou have all the gear that will aid in making the trip a success. If you’reafter yellow fin tuna, then having the best yellow fin tuna lures is a priority.You must make sure that the lures are appropriate […]

How to fillet a yellow fin tuna

The migratory nature of yellow fin tuna makes them one of themost favorite species of fish to catch. They usually have a lot of meat whichis bright red when raw and equally delicious when cooked as they turn brown.Catching one is considered a fun experience since they are only available […]

Best fishing line for yellow fin tuna

    Yellow fin tuna are very beautiful as well as tasty fish, andthey are often found across the world in places with warm waters. They are oneof the most commonly caught offshore fish. You should consider having big baitsince catching yellow fin tuna with small bait can be very […]

How to make chum for Yellow fin tuna

Yellow fin tuna are the most common fish caught in an offshore game, and they are mainly found in places with warm waters. Yellow fin tuna often stay together in a gigantic school, and you will often see them breaking the water surface while chasing the bait. The Yellow fin […]

Where to Catch Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin tuna attract a lot of attention from anglers allover the world, not just because of their prized meat, but also due to their tenacious fighting ability. They are mostly found in schools, whether feeding or just moving around. They like to spend most of their time far below the […]

How to Fish for Yellowfin Tuna

Catching yellowfin tuna is no doubt an exciting achievement,especially when you find the largest of them. The yellowfin tuna come indifferent sizes from large to “we’ve got to get a bigger boat”. Finding the fish is not a hard thing to do but catching them can be a different topic. […]

Snapper Fishing Tackle

When it comes to fishing, having the right type of tackleregardless of the fish you are trying to catch is essential to beingsuccessful. This is especially true when it comes to snapper fishing, as thesetypes of fish are harder to catch due to the agility and sight that they areblessed […]