Mahi Mahi information

Mahi Mahi is unique in that it has a huge head larger than the rest of the body. It has abody that thins with its proximity to the tail. It also has a large dorsal finthat extends from the top of the head directly to the beginning of the rear. […]

Pan and Oven Baked Mahi Mahi Recipes

Mahi Mahi is a white fillet, and it has a solid flesh and thin skin. Mahi Mahi does not collapse when ready due to the dense consistency of the meat. That makes following mahi mahi recipes easier and cooks even at home. In then addition to the strong meat, Mahi […]

How to Catch Lingcod

Lingcod refers to a type of bottom fish with a pretty wicked set of teeth. The fishhave big mouths, and they hide in the rocks mostly on the bottom and feed onwhatever swims its way. Due to this reason, catching lingcod is reasonablyeasy. Lingcod don’t put up a lot of […]

Simple Lingcod Fish Recipes

Seafood never stops your taste and always leaves your taste asking for more. Seafood isoften a key ingredient in the history of cooking in areas near and far from thesea. That’s why we’re looking for some lingcod fish recipes that you should tryand make your family happy. (A) Crusted and […]

Lingcod Information

Lingcod are more commonly referred to as a fish with an identity crisis — Lingcod, as thename suggests, is type of fish that blurs the line between a cod and a ling.It’s neither of the two, but a pacific greenling belonging to the familyHexagrammidae. It’s obvious that the fish got […]

Best places in the US to fish for cod

If you have not tasted cod, then you have nothing to brag about in the experience of tastingfish. One of the delicious fishes that you should be talking about is thecodfish. It is delicious with a taste that goes beyond the fishy taste. Ittastes mildly fishy. In other words, it […]

Top Cod Recipes in Oven

Baking cod is a healthy alternative to pan-frying. The cod bakes in flavors without sitting in oil and grease as it would by frying. Baking brings out the flavor and gives you many options to change it up and bring a different flavor experience to the dinner table each time […]

What is Cod Liver Oil?

There are many supplements available to us, but one which has been there for thousands of years is cod liver oil. The oil contains natural omega 3 fatty acids as well as vitamins A and D. Unlike other supplements, this oil is naturally shelf stable and processing it is easy. […]

Top 4 Cod Baits

To save yourself a bit of time and effort while fishing, you need good baits which canlure the fish within the shortest duration of time. We understand this factonly too well. That is why we have stepped in to give you the direction you needto make a good purchasing decision. […]

Best Cod Lures Review

Apart from taking a meal home, there is much joy that comes with fishing, the reason manyanglers will want to make sure that they get the right accessories for fishing for cod.However, when it comes to picking the right lure, much confusion arises due tothe various baits on the market. […]