How to Fish For Grouper?

 The grouper is an extremely popular fish when it comes to the dining table. Almost everyone loves nothing more than the refined taste of grouper and that is the reason these big and heavy fish are so high in demand. There are several species of the grouper and while the […]

Grouper information

The world is filled with so many different types of fish in the seas across the globe, it is easy to become overwhelmed, especially when trying to name all the varieties that people encounter from day to day. The different types can also vary based on the geographical location. So, […]

How to Fish for Bass

There are numerous forms of game fishing to consider if you are planning taking up this type of hobby. One of the most popular options for beginners in the sport is bass¬†fishing. This is an ideal choice because anyone can learn how to fish for bass with some patience. In […]

How to Fish for Trout

If you are planning to take up fishing as a hobby, you should consider learning how to fish for trout. This type of game fishing is considered the fourth most popular after catfish, panfish and bass fishing. Trout fishing is a favorable choice for beginners because these fish are abundant. […]

Largemouth Bass Information

The Micropterus salmoides, or more commonly the Widemouth, Bigmouth, Bucketmouth, or Largemouth Bass, is a freshwater game fish. The Largemouth Bass is the state fish of Georgia and Mississippi. It is the state freshwater fish of Florida and Alabama, and it’s the state sport fish of Tennessee. Although its original […]

Best 5 Tackle Box Reviews

When most people think of fishing equipment, they think of rods, reels, and so many of the other little things that can make for a successful trip. Unfortunately, what they often don’t think of is their tackle box. Indeed, practically everything else that might come to mind for successful fishing […]