How to make and use chum

One of the most important secrets when it comes to catching catfish is chumming. In fact, this is what stands between you and that big catch. Before you learn how to chum for catfish, it is always important to start off by checking the laws and regulations surrounding your area […]

Catfish Lures

Are you planning to go catfish fishing over the weekend? Well, apart from focusing on finding a right fishing spot, there are essential things that you need to find with the fish lures being the first thing to get. There are hundreds of catfish lures on the market to choose […]

Top Four Catfish Baits

Catfish are a unique species in the fish kingdom. They boast a bunch of features which enable them to survive in conditions other fish would not survive. Most importantly, they are different in appearance as they lack scales and have super sensitive whiskers (that explains the name), and their food […]

Four Catfish Recipes

Catfish is a tasty fish that is mainly taken by individuals living in the Southern United States. The typical way people are used to in preparing catfish is deep frying method. Catfish can also be baked, grilled or pan- fried. When cooked well it has a mild and sweet flavor. […]

How To Fish For Catfish

Catfish are freshwater fish found in moderate climates usually in lakes, rivers, and ponds. Their common name arises from their distinctive antennae that look like the whiskers of a cat. Catfish are slender with a mucus-covered body and usually, they have no scales, making them easy to identify during fishing. […]

Catfish Information

Catfish are one of the most distinct fish out here because of their appearance courtesy of their whiskers, that are like those of a cat. There are several species of these fish all over the world apart from one in Antarctica. They thrive well in fresh water. Catfish traits They […]

What are the different types of fishing hooks?

What Are The Different Types of Fishing Hooks? For most amateurs problems arise when choosing fishing hooks, but there is nothing complicated about it if you have some good base information. The truth is that certain hooks work better than others, with plastic lures or baits that need some rigging. […]

All About Jigging

What is Jigging? In the modern fishing world, jigging is considered to be one of the most popular ways of catching fish. On the surface, it seems like a pretty difficult method of fishing, but it is quite simple and efficient once you learn the technique and master it. What […]

How To Fish For Salmon

Salmon refer to a fish species that belongs in the Salmoniadae family. They are quite easily confused with trout which also belong to the same family but, they have distinct differences. Salmon can thrive in both fresh and salty water. They are anadromous which means the fish have the ability […]