Fishing Rod Advice

How to Bait a Fishing Line

  Getting fish to bite the bait and stay on the hook successfully is what separates novice fishermen from amateurs. Knowing how to bait a fishing line is among the basics of fishing. If you are always finding fishing difficult, then chances are your bait isn’t properly placed.   One common mistake most […]

How to properly attach a spinnerbait

A fishing expedition is a beautiful experience, and for a fisherman, it is important toexploit every opportunity you get in catching the highest amount of fishpossible. Fishing is not only a fun thing to do but also a hobby for manypeople. In maximizing the catch, both technique and appropriate fishingequipment […]

5 Best Cod Fishing Reels

Catching fish can be fun But it takesa lot of patience to catch the kind of fish you want. You not only needpatience but the right equipment to make sure you get your limit. Cod fishingis no different. You need theright reel to make sure you can handle the fight […]

5 Best Catfish Rods Review and Buying Guide

How To Choose A Catfish Rod Fishing for Catfish is much less subtle than most fishing. When you’re thinking about picking up your first specialized rod, there are three things you should know catfish fishing: Catfish are always keen to take the bait They’ll put up a good fight and […]

Fishing Rod Basics

Fishing Rod Basics

You might have wondered about fishing rods and want to know all of the essentials about the item. What are fishing rods made of? What does fishing rod action mean? These questions and other terms will be further discussed in this article. Materials Fishing rods are typically made of two […]

Tips on Spooling a Fishing Rod

Tips on Spooling a Fishing Rod

Are you a first-time angler? Then chances are you might have wondered about the proper ways on how to spool a fishing rod. Well, luckily for you, in this article we’ll discuss that and give you a powerful knowledge that can improve your fishing experience. The fishing rod is the […]

Choosing the Proper Rod for Angling

Choosing the Proper Rod for Angling

Interested individuals who want to know more about angling and the equipment concerned have plenty of questions about the hobby. Many often ask how long should fishing rod be, while some are concerned whether more expensive equipment will last the test of time and perform better than cheaper alternatives. Fishing […]

What fishing rod to use

What Fishing Rod To Use

Let me preface this article with just a little bit of information about me. I work a steady job in the city and love the outdoors. That is me in a nutshell and the reason I’m telling you this is I want you know that I am no way a […]