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Close up of Grouper

What is the Difference Between Grouper and Drum?

The difference between groupers and drums is their appearance, reproduction process, eating habits and others. Grouper contains more potassium and selenium than a drum. On the other hand, drums contain vitamins B12, B3, vitamin B2, copper, and manganese. The life span of drums are 6–13 years, while groupers can survive […]

Coney Grouper in a reef

What Is a Coney Grouper?

Coney Grouper is a species of marine ray-finned fish classified under groupers, a group of fish belonging to the family Serranidae and subfamily Epinephelinae. The scientific name of the Coney Grouper is Cephalopholis fulva. It is also known as the butterfish or the Graysby grouper. They are one of the […]


What is the Difference Between Grouper and Sturgeon?

Groupers and Sturgeon differ in physical appearance, biological characteristics, diet, habitat, lifespan, size, and many other factors.  Groupers are a group of several species of fish in the family Serranidae, whereas Sturgeons are a family of fish in the Acipenseridae. The two fish often come up in the discussion of […]

Yellowfin Grouper

What is a Yellowfin Grouper?

The yellowfin grouper is a well-known species of grouper due to its appearance. This ray-finned fish is not found everywhere, but if you know grouper, you must have seen the pictures of this fish at least once.The yellowfin grouper is from the subfamily Epinephelinae and the scientific name for the […]

Grouper on ice

What is the Difference Between Grouper and Escolar?

Whether in a tropical, subtropical, or temperate environment, you can discover escolars in a coastal area. The escolar is a popular fish due to its availability and widespread distribution. Groupers are commonly seen in both natural and artificial tropical reef environments. In today’s seafood market, grouper is a must have. […]

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What Is the Difference Between Grouper and Bream?

Two fish species that differ from one another both physically and internally are grouper and bream. Their body types, swimming habits, feeding preferences, musculature, and a few physiological changes help to separate these two, marine fish from one another. Bream, a variety of tasty and adaptable fish species from the […]