Best Cod Fishing Rods

A fishing rod is a long, flexible rod that is used to catch fish. It is simply a pole or stick, preferably 2 to 20 feet long, attached to a line that ends in a hook/angle. The hook is normally laced with a bait or lures to entice the fish. To avoid tangling and assist in landing the fish, the line is stored on a reel. The traditional rods were made of bamboo while the more contemporary ones are made of fiberglass or carbon fiber.

Types of Rods

There are several types of rods in the market today. They are constructed from different materials; the most common being fiberglass, graphite and the more recent carbon fiber. There are different types of rods including:

– Carbon fiber rods

– Fly rods

– Tenkara rods

– IM/Modulus

– Spin casting rods

-Baitcasting rods

– Spinning rods

-Ultra-light rods

– Ice rods

– Sea rods

– Surf rods

– Trolling rods

– Telescopic rods

When it comes to fishing, the type of fish normally dictates the size and type of rod used. For instance, when fishing cod. Cod is a common name of the demersal fish and other fish species. These fish live in the colder waters and deeper sea region of the North Atlantic and the Pacific. It is a popular seafood delicacy due to its nutritional value, therefore, more demand for it. Fishermen need to get the right fishing rods for this big fish.

The typical fishing rod for cod should be heavy duty with an average length between 6’6”and 7’6” with fast to extra-fast action conventional rod rated for 50 lb braid.

Which fishing rods are available in the market for the fishing of cod?

For a long time, the rods used for cod fishing were long and heavy in order to handle the weight and provide enough length to work the jigs effectively. The more conventional rods come with braided lines with a thinner diameter and much less water resistance. Below is a guide for the best and most effective rods for fishing cod:

1. Penn Bluewater Carnage Casting Rod

The Penn Bluewater Carnage Rod is a very affordable rod for first-time and expert fishermen. It offers incredible strength and high-quality components at a price that most fishermen can afford. With an overall 9 out of 10 ranking, this outstanding rod is a one-piece blank of graphite composer fiber. These blanks serve to reinforce the rod and protect the inner composition of the rod. However, the handles and line guides are different for each model of the Penn Bluewater rods available in the market. There are three common models available which are:

A. Penn Bluewater Carnage Boat Rods

The first model under the boat rods is a 6’6” heavy power rod with a 30-80-pound monoline and 8-line guides.

The second one is a 7’10” long rod with 9 tungsten carbide guidelines

The third rod stretches out to 7 feet, with medium light power with a C style slick butt handle.

B. Penn Bluewater Carnage Jigging Rods

There are 5 existing different jigging rods, with the 5’ and 8’ available. It rates for 80-130 pounds’ lines with 8 Fuji guides.

C. Penn Bluewater Carnage Trolling Rods

Features of the Penn Bluewater Carnage Rod

i. Comes with a one-piece blank of fiber composite graphite material with a woven outside wrap. It reinforces the rod while protecting it from damage

ii. High-quality Fuji-framed guidelines

iii. Hardloy inserts that use a very strong aluminum oxide material which provides for a more stable grip around the ring frame

iv. Tungsten alloy inserts for extra strength.

v. Fuji reel seats.

vi. A split EVA style handle with a torque grip

Although there are not too many models left of the Penn Bluewater, getting one of these is of great importance as they work for all your angling needs.

2. Shimano Teramar Northeast Inshore Casting Rod

Shimano has introduced a wide variety of the Teramar Northeast rods which include nine casting and seven spinning rods capable of handling large fish species. They are present in 6’6” and 7’6” lengths with 15 to 80-pound PowerPro braid guidelines. Below are the features of this rod:

i. TC4 constructed blank for extra reinforcement.

ii. Fuji aluminium oxide guidelines giving the rod outstanding strength and durability for cold saltwater fishing.

iii. A custom EVA handle grip.

iv. Medium-heavy power and yet very powerful

v. Comes with the Fuji reel seat

The Teramar Northeast Inshore Casting rods come with specifically designed features that make it highly capable and suitable to tackle the cold salty waters where cod fish live. The TC4 constructed blank, found in most popular fishing rods,gives this rod extra strength and durability, making it an ideal tool for cod fishing. The Shimano 6’6” Teramar NE casting rod with medium heavy power is especially highly suitable for inshore saltwater.

3. St. Croix Mojo Inshore Spinning Rods

The St. Croix Inshore spinning rods are specialized inshore saltwater rods designed and created for superior performance. It is an extremely lightweight and well-designed specifically for inshore saltwater fishing. It is a 100%handcrafted rod. It features the best spinning ability of all other rods in the market. The St. Croix Inshore spinning rod is also very affordable, although not cheap, it gives you value for its high-quality build and components.

Features of the St. Croix Inshore Spinning Rod

i. Comes with premium quality SCII graphite blank for reinforcement, strength and high sensitivity

ii. Batson Forecast hard aluminum oxide guidelines with 316 stainless steel corrosion resistant black frames compared to the regular 304 stainless steel frames

iii. Fuji DPS reel seat with black hoods on the spinning models to prevent any slop when transferring the feel of the fish and increase sensitivity

iv. Split grip and premium grade cork handle for a highly appealing look, more durability and a stronger grip.

v. A Kigan hook keeper

vi. Two coats of Flex-Coat slow-cure finish. It is an epoxy finish that seals the rod wraps effectively for a long lifespan and a clean overall look.

vii. Medium-heavy power with fast action

viii. It also comes in 7-inch length.

These rods are incredibly durable and deliver a high performance for all their spinning and casting configurations. However, for saltwater fishing, the inshore spinning rods are the most recommended. This product also features 3.6 out of 5 rating and comes with a five-year guaranteed warranty. This rod gives the fisherman the control of where to place the lure or bait with incredible balance. It also offers three different handles.

4. Dobyn FR 663C Fury Series Bait casting Rod

The Fury Series boasts all the essential features that all serious anglers are looking for. The rod comes with very powerful, high modulus graphite blanks with a balanced performance for maximum sensitivity to the high-quality guides secured with the Kevlar wrapping. It has all these features at a very affordable price.

Features of the Dobyn FR 663C rod

i. It is 6’6” medium heavy casting rod with a very balanced performance

ii. It also features fast action and high control ability

iii. High modulus graphite blank for extreme sensitivity

iv. A Fuji reel seat for better control during the transfer of the feel of the fish and increase durability

v. An AA grade cork grip with a hi-density Hypalon butt

vi. Line guides wrapped in Kevlar and sleep green threading accents so they can better handle rough work

Although these spinning rod series has been introduced in the market recently, they continue to carve a niche in the sector offering high quality and high-performance rods. It is one of the best rods for Bait casting in the market and highly suitable for saltwater inshore fishing.

5. Fiblink Saltwater Offshore Conventional Boat Rod

This is a conventional boat rod that is most suitable for those who practice deep sea fishing. The Fiblink Saltwater rod gives the fisherman more ability for jigging and trolling rather than casting in the offshore deep seas. They provide the strength and sensitivity to help fishermen detect light bites on lures and handle heavy weight fish effectively.

Features of the Fiblink Saltwater Offshore Rod

i. A two-piece solid glass construction that provides for long durability and strength for a long lifespan while also maintaining sensitivity

ii. Some of the line guides feature a corrosion resistant steel coating while others have roller guides

iii. EVA style foam grips that provide for a comfortable grip without affecting the sensitivity of the rod while increasing durability and incredibly lightweight

iv. They come in the 30 to 50-pound test line or the 50 to 80-pound lines

v. A great looking and appealing finish with a fluorescent tip that adds more visibility in low light situations

vi. Premium stainless-steel ring fixed Turbo style guides

vii. Extreme exposure reel seat made of aluminum alloy with high corrosion resistance. They are also extra heavy, powerful, versatile and flexible

viii. 6-inch saltwater trolling fishing rod

ix. It has extra heavy power with fast action

This incredible offshore rod comes with the above features as well as a one-year guaranteed warranty. However, this rod offers incredible and very satisfactory performance.

From all the above-reviewed fishing rods, there are several things that make a rod incredibly suitable for cod fishing. The following are the most basic features to look for in a fishing rod:

i. Power

For all your purposes, you should choose a rod that meets your expectations. Power is the basic amount of force it would take to make a rod bend and is categorized as ultralight, light, medium light, medium, medium heavy and heavy.

ii. Action

Action is the amount of the rod that flexes when loaded. The fast and extra-fast action rods only flex at the tip while the slower action rods flex along their length.Slower action rods mostly provide better casting while the fast action rods allow for more accurate casting and setting the hook in larger fish.

iii. Length

When all other features remain constant, longer rods provide more distance for casting.However, you should ensure that the length preferred offers comfort when using the rod. Use the shorter rods when doing pier fishing or jigging spoons.

iv. Rod Style

The style of the rod should meet your skill and experience. The rod style often determines the length of casting.

v. Material

For all your fishing purposes, make sure you choose the fishing rod that fits your usage.The two most common materials used are fiberglass and graphite. The fiberglass rods are cheaper, tougher and better for battling larger fish while the graphite rods offer greater sensitivity for even the slightest bites.

Other than having a good rod for cod fishing there are extra habits one can practice enhancing the fishing experience and land more fish. This include:

 Using a jig instead of bait to reach the depths that cods occupy.

 Holding the rod at waist level, positioning your hands so that the handle and the line can be held with ease.

For all your angler rod choice, the above information should be helpful when selecting the top cod fishing rod for your use.

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