5 Best Cod Fishing Reels

Catching fish can be fun

But it takesa lot of patience to catch the kind of fish you want. You not only needpatience but the right equipment to make sure you get your limit. Cod fishingis no different.

You need theright reel to make sure you can handle the fight the cod put up as they resistcapture. If you are not sure which are the top cod fishing reels then continueto read our review. It is filled with the information you need to know

Then we provide you with the optimum way of catching cod as well as what to look forwhen you need to buy the best cod fishing reel on the market today

Our cod fishing reel review

#1. Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel

If you are looking to catch cod, then consider using this top-quality spinning fishingreel. It is made to help you haul in that saltwater fish you love to eat. Itsdurability comes through the quality of the all metal body. This constructionmaterial makes sure the reel handles each battle for years.

Adding to the durability are the rotor, aluminum bail wire and the sideplate. Each aspectof this rod combines to make sure your fishing experience is one of the bestand can be repeated for a long time.

Its HT-carbon drag system does not sacrifice any smooth handling of the reel whileproviding you with that powerful drag you need to make your catch a success.Along with this feature, you get 5 stainless steel bearings to handle thecranking duties.

The instant reverse bearing, and the 5 ball bearings are all sealed and ready for action.Plus, the super line spool needs no backing and is braid ready for betterfishing and rod handling. Line capacities are marked at 1/3, 2/3, and fullcapacity.

The cod reel is pre-greased, so the metal parts should not seize up or cause you any loss offish due to friction. Also, the reel is compatible with Berkley or Spiderwiresuperline brands. It is your choice which superline you want to use on yourreel.

For added protection the superline is supported by a rubber gasket. This gasket preventsany slippage by the superline. It also streamlines your fishing reel operation.

#2. Pflueger Supreme XT Spinning Fishing Reel

This lightweight fishing reel makes handling your rod a lot easier. The weight isdown so you can make those fishing maneuvers or use those fishing techniques alot easier and faster. You won’t wear out your hands as you cast for cod.

The magnesium body and rotor may cut the weight, but it does not take anything awayfrom the reel’s strength. This reel is still tough and strong enough to handlecod fishing battles for years to come.

10 stainless steel ball bearings handle most of the work load. Their corrosion resistantconstruction ensures that they will be able to accompany you every time you gofishing. Also, you can tie the braid directly to the spool if you so desire.This reel makes cod fishing a lot easier to do.

There is no need to worry about the drag system. It is a sealed system that is continuouslylubricated to make sure your use of the reel remains nice and smooth. Thecarbon construction keeps the strength in the drag and does not add weight tothe reel.

Then the carbon handle does its part to make your fishing easier on your hands. Whilestrong, it adds little to no weight to the reel. You get strength, durabilityand a reel that is easy on your hands.

The reel measures in at 30 and should fit almost all rods compatible with that sizerange. Its smart retrieve feature provides you with accurate line lay on everycast. Plus, the EVA handle brings a little comfort to your hands as you castand battle your catch.

#3. Abu Garcia Revo SX Spinning Reel

When you go cod fishing, you do not want to fight your reel as well as the fish. That iswhy this reel was made. It provides smooth handling, reliable operation andversatility in your casting. Then, it is very lightweight to make sure yourhands do not get tired out as you cast, reel in or fight.

Its X-Craftic gearbox combines with the C6 carbon body to bring you the ultimategear alignment even when fighting off junk catches and real fish battles. Youget the leverage you need to make sure you stay on top of the battle and comeout the winner.

Also, the rocket line system manages your line and helps it get a great lie when youcast. This system works with a lot of different line strengths. You also stayin control of the speed the line comes off your spool. The reel is equippedwith a spool lip to manage line speed.

The aluminum spool is also braid ready. You can tie your braid directly to it in order tomeet your fishing needs. Plus, the K-clutch uses an anti-reverse bearing tolimit the back play you get as you fish.

The K-clutch works with the AM Gearing and the carbon matrix drag systems to make sure youget smooth casting, durability, powerful drag, and corrosion resistantprotection. The strength is also in the Everlast bail system. all the featureswork together to make sure you can use this best cod reel for many years ofhappy fishing.

#4. KastKing Spartacus Plus Baitcasting Fishing Reel

The 6.3:1 gear ratio provides you with the smoothness and power you need when castingyour bait to catch cod. These gearing works with the micro-cast dual centrifugeand magnetic brakes to provide you with the ultimate cod fishing experience.

The fiber drag system also provides you with 17 ½ pounds of fish stopping ability.Everything about this reel spells quality. Its 11 + 1 corrosion resistant ballbearings make sure your new reel doesn’t lose any of its smoothness.

Plus, the aluminum CC spool adds to the smooth casting style you want in one of the bestcod fishing reels on the market. The instant stop anti-reverse function keepsyour reel in top shape when the fish fights back.

Weighing only around 8 ounces, this reel will not add any significant weight to yourrod. You can fish all day and not feel that the reel is there. The IPTmeasurement clocks in at 25 ½ while the CPT reaches up to 65.

Also, the reel is compatible with a variety of lines and lengths. You can use between 10pound and 125 yards, and 18 pounds and 65 yards of line with ease. The corkknobs provide your fingers with a little comfort as you fish.

The cork provides a good grip for your fingers when the fight gets nasty and wet. Thegood news for lefties is that this reel comes in both right hand and left-handmodels. No need to make special orders or spend extra money.

#5. Daiwa BG Spinning Reels

The Daiwa company has been making fishing reels for over 60 years. It stands to reasonthat they know a thing or two about creating the best cod fishing reel. Itsblack and gold design helps you stay stylish and looking good as yousuccessfully bring in the fish.

The company’s experience has ed them to develop this leaner and tougher model whichshould bring in the size of cod you want. Its machined aluminum hard body andside bar are made to withstand the stress that comes with bring a hooked fishinto the boat.

Its digital gear design works to keep the gears in align throughout each fishing excursionyou go on. Its large gear wheel ensures more gear teeth contact and a smoothercast. When you purchase this spinning reel, you will find 3 plastic washers.These allow you to adjust the spool to the height that is comfortable for you.

Those washers will also help smooth out your line lay. Just add as many washers, upto 3, as you want to make sure your fishing time is not hindered by badalignments. The larger reels provide you with more strength and durabilityensuring that when you are in the heat of battle, your reel won’t let you down.

The reel is compatible with a variety of rod sizes making it a great fishing tool to havewhen you are ready to fish for cod. A rubber gasket ensures direct braid usewithout the backing normally needed.

The optimal way to use one of the best cod fishing reels

The best way to use one of the top cod fishing reels is to make sure you have the rightequipment along with you. Remember you are fishing in deep waters and the reelwon’t be enough to bring home the cod. Here are some added pieces of equipmentto make your cod fishing the best possible: 

l Hook size- 3.0 to 6.0

l Heavier line- is best as well as heavier weights.

l Bait- it really doesn’t matter as cod will eat almostanything thrown its way. They do have small mouths so don’t make the bait sizetoo large. Have a variety of bait with you in case the cod are not in the moodfor certain samples

l Cod rig– these come in handy as cod usually do not swimalone. You can catch more cod if you use a cod rig to help your best codfishing reel

l Artificial bait- you can switch from natural to artificial bait. Two of the best to use are tube baits and diamondjigs

What to look for  

To find one of the top cod fishing reels on the market today, you need to learn what tolook for as you shop and compare. Here are some key features to look for in oneof the best cod fishing reels:  

l Gear ratio- the higher the ratio the better the gearing. If you want slow spin, then go for a 4:1. But if you want quicker action go for6:1

l Drag system- the tension of the drag is dependent on the number and quality of the washers. The more washers, the better drag you willhave. Washers should be constructed from carbon or stainless steel. Don’t use washers that can rust or break. (One note- manufacturers do not usually say what the washers are made from. They talk in terms of weight. How many poundsthe reel can handle)

l Ball bearings- You want between 5 and 11 ball bearings in thereel for the best action. You want to make sure the ball bearings are made fromanti-rust material like stainless steel. Less than 5 means the reel is verycheaply constructed.

l Line- lightweight is best because you will be casting andreeling for hours on end. Make sure to match the line weight with the reel. Ifthe reel says 15 to 20-pound line, then your reel wlill handle up to a 20 poundfish

l Body- this includes the structure as well. Aluminum is best,and plastic is not. Aluminum provides the strength and durability while keepingthe rod lightweight. Plastic will be heavier and more fragile. Graphite is bestfor saltwater fishing.

l Spool size- the larger the spool thelonger the line you can place on the reel. You want to find one with adjustabledrag and or a free spool setting to give you a little versatility in yourcasting. A 10 – 35 class reel works best on a 6 to 7 ft lightweight rod & a4-14-pound braid. A 40 – 55 class reel works on a 6 to 7-foot snapper style rodand can go with a 8-25 pound braid. Finally, a 60 – 95 class reel woks on avariety of fishing rods and can handle a 12 to 30-pound braid

Some final words

Fishing can be very rewarding and can build up a lot of self-confidence. Hooking the fishand reeling it in successfully can give you a great boost. That is why you wantto use the best equipment possible when you go fishing.

Using one of the best cod fishing reels is the smart decision to make. It can be the difference between having supper thatnight or going hungry.

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